Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for REPROSENT?

REPROSENT is currently focused on patients with cancer that are in active treatment. Ideal candidates are people that want to track their symptoms and bring this information to their oncology appointments for better inclusion in their care. All patients that join will be asked to sign up with a loved one (friend, family member, etc) that will help them manage their care.

What should a patient expect as part of the REPROSENT system?

Between oncologist appointments, patients will fill out short daily check-ins on their smartphone about the symptoms they have been experiencing. This will typically take 1-2 minutes. Any time they would like to report changes or additional symptoms they can add that to the app.

Patients are encouraged to add questions they think of for their oncologist at any time. ~48 hours in advance of their oncologist appointment, patients and their loved ones meet with a REPROSENT oncology nurse via video call. During this meeting a REPROSENT report showing a summary of your symptoms, tracked data, and a list of prioritized questions will be created. Following the meeting patients choose to send this report to their oncologist and then bring a printed copy to their appointment. 

What should a loved one expect when signing up with a patient?

Patients need help staying safe as they are going through treatment. Making sure a patient is capturing their data to apply to their care and keeping them safe from dangerous symptoms is the primary function of the loved one on this system. When a patient hasn't completed their daily check-in or has reported a concerning symptom you will be updated so you know to check in with them. Other suggested support includes adding patient appointments, adding questions between visits, attending the REPROSENT meetings and helping patients to bring their REPROSENT report to appointments. 

Can a REPROSENT nurse help me with my symptoms?

No. REPROSENT does not practice medicine and does not offer medical advice. REPROSENT nurses are there to help guide patients if they have questions about how to use the system, and build reports that present patient information in the way oncologists can most easily absorb during the time they have with patients. They also help patients prioritize the questions they want to ask in their appointments to make sure it is an effective interaction. 

Why is there a waitlist to join REPROSENT?

REPROSENT is primarily offered to patients through clinical trials right now. While we would like to offer all patients the opportunity to join, space is limited due to the learning phase we are in. In this first phase there is a high number of human hours our oncology nurses are spending with each patient to ensure we are building the best product and process possible. This intense time and focus will ensure we build a product that will benefit all cancer patients in time. For now, sign up to the waitlist and we will reach out as availability opens up.

Who can see the information I add to the REPROSENT system? Who can see the report that is created?

The only people that can see a patient's profile are the patient themselves, the loved ones that the patient grants permission to, and the REPROSENT nurses. When a report is created, the patient chooses who it is sent to - typically their oncologist, nurse practitioner or other medical specialists. 

How much does REPROSENT cost?

REPROSENT is currently in beta and offered to patients as part of clinical trials (free of cost to participants). For patients and their loved ones who wish to join REPROSENT directly, the cost is $850 per month.